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12V Delay Timer Monostable Switch Relay Module NE555 Oscillator

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Category: Relay Module

SKU: 1507

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1) Module based on the NE555 chip.
2) Input voltage: DC 12V.
3) Adjustable time: 0-10 s.
4) AC Control voltage: 250V/max, 10A.
5) Max. load: 2200W.
This NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module item is a timer switch module, based on the NE555 chip, high-performance timing CPU design. The power indicator LED and switch trigger timing indication LEDs. Timing from microseconds to long hours. Applicable to vehicle equipment-delay to prevent car ignition, prevention of high sudden current to burn components and devices. This is a monostable generator based on the NE555 integrated circuit. It has an adjustable delay time from 0 to 10 seconds using the potentiometer or by changing the capacitance. It is also capable of controlling the device below 220V/10A.
Voltage: Voltage DC 12V
With power indicator LED and trigger indication LED
Output is voltage free & can be connected up to 10A load of any voltage rating
Chrono-potentiometer regulation time delay, adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds by default
Useful for applications in equipment-delay to prevent sudden high current which can burn components and devices
Package Include:
1 X  12V Delay Timer Monostable Switch Relay Module NE555 Oscillator.
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