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LiPo Rechargeable Battery High-Quality 3.7V 1500 mAh

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Category: Battery Charger

SKU: 1797

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₹600 /pc 37% OFF
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₹378 /pc

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1) Voltage: 3.7V
2) Connector Type: SM 2PMale Plug
3) Cable Length : 6cm
4) Materials: Lithium Polymer
5) Capacity: 1500mAh
This Lithium Polymer cell/battery is really the latest state-of-the-art technology in rechargeable. It is extremely thin, lightweight, and super thin compared to any rechargeable chemistry. This cell provides 3.7V 1500mAh in a fraction of the space and weight that would be required by NiMH equivalent battery pack. The other advantage of the Lithium Polymer technology is the very low self-discharge (less than 7% per month). Features: Excellent safety performance Lightweight High capability Low internal resistance Excellent discharge performance Long cycle time Applications: MP4, Mobile Phone, MID, baby monitor, small flying helicopters, backup power, Portable DVD, POS machine, Desk video, E-BIKE, motor care, drill, Digital camera, and PDA.
Voltage: 3.7V
Connector Type: SM 2PMale Plug
Cable Length : 6cm
Materials: Lithium Polymer
Capacity: 1500mAh
Package Includes:
1 x LiPo Rechargeable Battery High-Quality 3.7V 1500 mAh For Drone
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