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LiPo Rechargeable Battery High-Quality 3.7V 150 mAh

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Category: Battery Charger

SKU: 1598

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₹188 /pc

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1) Voltage: 3.7V
2) Capacity: 150mAh
3) Battery Type: Lithium
4) Input: DC 5V, 0.5~2.5A
5) Output: DC 4.2V 2.0A
3.7V 150mAH (Lithium Polymer) Lipo Rechargeable Battery also known as Lipo or Lipoly batteries are thin, light and powerful. This battery has a capacity of 160mAH. These Batteries are widely used in GPS, DVD, ipod, Tablet PC, MP4 Player, Power Bank, Mobile Backup Power Supply, Bluetooth Speaker, IOT  and other DIY and Industrial applications. 
The included protection circuitry keeps the battery voltage from going too high (over-charging) or low (over-use), which means that the battery will cut-out when completely dead at 3.0V. It will also protect against output shorts. However, even with this protection it is important to use a LiIon/LiPoly constant-voltage/constant-current charger to recharge and at a rate of 2A or less (500mA is best). We suggest our Micro Lipo charger, which has a 100mA default rate. You can also set the Micro Lipo to 500mA rate for a faster charge.
Voltage: 3.7V 
Capacity: 150mAh 
Battery Type: Lithium
Input: DC 5V, 0.5~2.5A
Output: DC 4.2V 2.0A
Package Include:
1 x LiPo Rechargeable Battery High-Quality 3.7V 150 mAh

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